Tuesday, 9 August 2011

So why the riots?

Looking at the news, there seems to be mainly 3 theories:
  1.  A sub-community versus the Police
  2. The Poor versus the Police, the Politicians, the Rich, apparently
  3. Children versus Adults
I certainly think no.1 was the initial catalyst. But no.2 is underlying itch of what these people have been wanting to scratch for a long, long time. But I stand back and look at the bigger picture, and the base reason I see is no.3.
For every disobedient child there are more than enough adults that can teach them sense. If only each of us "grown ups" had the courage to stand up to these little terrors rather than just avoid the issue and let them do what they want... Then maybe, just MAYBE they would to a have a society to look up to and respect. Who is the child really? Those kids on the street, or us sitting scared in our houses?  
That was my FB status last night, while the rampage was going on, borough after borough. It got a few Likes, some friends agreed, some not so much. One said the police are being too soft, have been for ages, to get the guns out and shoot these kids down. I don't think he was being 101% serious, as his shop was attacked, all windows smashed... Mindless hate can just breed more mindless hate. I answered:
Fuck the police, They're just following instructions. They're easy to blame. It's us, the everyday citizens that need to make this society stronger and better respected.
I do believe we leave too much to the authorities. I'm not saying we should become like the authority. But I do think we need a stronger, tighter London community, to give children a society to both respect and aspire to become a part of. They are lost and need a guide. We need to disrupt and destroy our inane, silent bystander public. We've become numb - See the docile cow effect on the underground. Our ignorance of the unadulterated noise they make on the upper deck at the back of the bus, and the weed they smoke during it...
They have no respect because we choose to ignore, not see, stand there, walk by. We have given the impression that we don't care. That we don't want to get involved. That we fear them. And that is our weakness - showing our fear. But the only reason why we fear, is perhaps because we've become a little lost ourselves, we just don't know what to do or how to deal with it.
We need to realise that we are older, bigger and stronger, unite and stand up. Last night, the Turks and Kurds had the right idea. Right now, they are apparently doing just that in Enfield.
So thankfully, hate can also breed positive things too. Much respect to all those who decided to counter the recreational looting with recreational restoration, to both our city and our spirits. They've bullied our city into the ground. Never let them see you cry. http://twitter.com/Riotcleanup
I can see the 2nd wave happening now - Be safe everyone! Remember most of them are just lost children, following their friends, and most likely needing a hug, or worse, incapable of receiving one because they never did.

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