Wednesday, 12 January 2011

No Face makes Smile for London Top 50!

I go to this cool London drawing club every now and then. Each session we have a task.
One of these tasks was to collaborate on an animation together to submit to
Smile for London - a great idea to lighting up the typical grey faces on the Tube!

Most of the club have minimal or zero animating experience. We were throwing ideas
 around for hours. Then finally decided on using a digital camera to take each shot as
we sllllooowly drew one piece of art, taking turns. The result is below...

No face from The Cartoon Heart Club on Vimeo.

And we found out recently that we have made the top 50! :D

Great news! I believe the list is to be cut even shorter however. But alas, making
the top 50 out of hundreds of entries is a pat on the back!

We've also been invited to the launch party at the Museum of London tomorrow
 night, so I'm preparing lots of my pre-sketched bizzcards to throw at people.
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