Monday, 30 August 2010

Sketch of the Day!! / Finding Inspiration Lost

All this weekend, from Saturday, today and through to tomorrow Bank Holiday Monday, I am sleeping, eating drawing (and repeat)!

Out of all the sketching I've been doing today though, one stands out for me.

Don't ask why!!! I just can't help but smile at it... Yes, that's a snake.

Finding the Inspiration Lost
And you know, I was thinking - I found myself losing spirit when on my 10th of 16 sketches. And I was hating it... like "Why? Gah. Why??". I had a nap, got a tea, ate lots of cake and chocolate (thanks, Lesley!), went back to it. Realised it was because I didn't like the drawing in front of me. But it was going for everything the client's criteria said. "What's the problem? Damn, what is it??" Perhaps it's all the pressure... I have less than 2 weeks to turn these pencils into inks then into illustrations.

Nah. I just didn't like it.

And if you don't like your work, then it's likely other people won't right? Well they might do, but if you don't, what's the point? In the end, you'll only be working for something you don't enjoy doing... You'll be turning your hobby into what every other job is to you - A grind.

So I re-did the parts of the drawing that I didn't find.. y'know, with that thing. Inspiration bubbled up inside again.

Am I over-thinking this? *checks watch* Anywayyy, if the does client likes it, I'll be colouring it.

Will update here once/if this is so! (then maybe you'll get the joke with the snake!)
EDIT: Final version for client below... I'm not happy with the colouring and sparse linework, but, the client was, and I was exhausted so, meh?

PS: With all this talk on inspiration, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately.
I'll recommend one on this particular subject, voiced by the brilliant Raul Aguirre Jr.!
Man VS Art Episode 21: The differences between Bad, Good, and Great Art.

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