Wednesday, 16 December 2009

"Many a false step is made by standing still"

Sayge's Fortune #20, picked up from Elwynn's Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft.

Many may think this ironic as WoW is a video game viewed to be addictive and turn people into
hermits. I'd like to make a point, that that is a stereotype and does not apply to everyone...

On other news, I should start posting here again, after a half-year hiatus, and give an update on
what I've been up to! I have been busy with working two part-time jobs, getting some school
experience and being a bit of an activist. Progress on my GN is also going well, as the characters
begin to carve out themselves every week.

In the meantime though, I wish all my friends and family a good winter holiday,
and I'll see you in 2010! Hope you all get something you've always wanted! x

EDIT: The quote was originally quoted by a Laura Randolph Lancaster, which she told to the
better known Patti LaBelle, of Lady Marmalade fame.
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