Friday, 24 July 2009

Creative ideas needed to give Death a good name

Dying Sucks.
It leads to Death.
The Ultimate Downer.

This is the general consensus about this inescapable “end-of-life phenomenon.” It is a consensus The Lien Foundation hopes to change.

One mind at a time. With your help.

But before you get all Dr. Kevorkian on us... We’re NOT talking about ending it all. Suicide. Assisted or not.

We’re talking about a radical shift in attitude. A new mindset.

A challenge of extreme proportions.

We’re dying to be surprised by your creativity!

- (video/animation comp)

(This is probably one of the most interesting competitions I've seen in a long time. There's prize money too! I'm going to try and plug more comps like this from now on. - rhoda)
Rhoda Villegas Web Developer

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