Friday, 5 June 2009

Sketch of the Day - My Rush Job Background! Plus NOTLD:R Contribs!

A reset back to what my blog looked like before - It's much less busy nao!

Sketch of the Day!
Also a new background image! A rush sketch, with equally rushed colouring.
As rushed as it looks though, I spent about an hour fiddling around with the
colours. The sketch itself though, took under 10 minutes, I think.

There are two versions (for now!), the first one being my blog pref. The second
being my fave for say, a t-shirt design perhaps... :)

Wallpaper of the Month!
I've also done a wallpaper version for you: (1680 x 1050)

It's a mess? A creative mess! = Good, right?
It's first steps to a style I'm working on.
Next time will be better ^_^

Recently Animated...
And to update what I've been working on lately, here are 2 of 3 of my NOTLD:R contribs:

Excruciatingly short, I know ^^;

One day, I hope to get started on my own full, beginning to end, short animation, around 5 minutes long. In the meantime, collaboratives have been a great warm-up! The third of my 3 shots is in progress as I type.

In Other News: E3 2009
So, E3 has just finished. Surprisingly, Nintendo seemed to have taken a step down, which is a welcome gesture, as they owned the last E3 as well as most of the market. While Microsoft introduced their new Natal motion sensor toy for the 360. Sony, I think, gave the best show, with PSP Go, and a surprise Final Fantasy XIV announcement.

So more on to my list of To Watch & Maybe Play... Starred are the definites!
  • Alan Wake* - Looks like what Alone in the Dark should have been, with more psycho-thrils.
  • Assassin's Creed II - You can swim, fly and shoot things now! More flexibility than the first!
  • Avatar - It has a modern war look for a setting, only with brightly coloured dragons...?!
  • Bayonetta* - The fact the protagonist is strangely sexy, mystifies me. I think I can forget about playing that muchly delayed DMC4 play now.
  • Brutal Legend* - It's funny, it has metal, and Jack Black!
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Trailer looks promising. I only hope they get this one right... Series is in need of saving.
  • Dead Rising 2 - You're playing as a jock this time, looks like it'll be more funny than the first!
  • Demon Souls - Apparently a very, very hard game. Been a while since that's been said about any next-gen games.
  • Dragon Age - It's by Bioware, it has knights and ugly orcs that look like they came out of Gears of War, always fun to kill those.
  • Edge of Twilight - It's steampunk/Fable looking. And I have never seen blood fly like that before.
  • Endless Ocean 2 - I never played the first, but I heard it was great. Also, I've recently been snorkeling for the first time... I want to re-live!
  • Final Fantasy XIII & XIV - Lightning is looking like a real female Cloud!
  • Golden Sun DS - Never got round to playing any GS ever. DS is collecting dust too.
  • Just Cause 2 - the first wasn't so hot, was it? The sequel though, ooh.
  • Left for Dead 2 - Too soon for a sequel, maybe. But I didn't buy the first anyway, which I'm happy for now.
  • Muramasa The Demon Blade - It's pretty, looks a lot like Odin Sphere on the PS2. I wonder how far they can go with Wii?
  • Quantum - Apparently an FPS, only this time the walls transform around you, meaning you're on the move, a lot.
  • Scribblenauts* - "I FUCKING TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AND JUMPED ON A DINOSAUR AND USED IT TO KILL MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES." (link) And it has the ability to summon God, as well as a time machine and almost anything you want. All for saving the star in each room! The limit is in the database and your imagination...
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Waving around the Wiimote in the dark, as the torch in the dark, in the game! Could be truly scary.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction - Been waiting a while for this! I've missed playing Sam Fisher. Plus, I haven't played a good stealth game in years.
But MAINLY....
  • *The Last Guardian!*

Just to point out, I think the textures on the boy are still being working on:

Next to the adorable Vulpix/Falkor
/griffin cutie, he's too bright, right?

Then again, in ICO it was its style, having the characters a little brighter and bolder against a detailed backdrop. It does make things, among the massive architecture, easier to see.

I played Shadow of the Colossus through, but only briefly did I play ICO (as I had already got started on SotC). So, considering the essence of TLG is similar to ICO, it could be my chance to experience whatever magic everyone else did back in 2001. Or close!

Now, to save up for for that PS3...

2nd edit made on 10/06/09 - Added comments and more games added to list!
Rhoda Villegas Web Developer


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms Voxie, how are things?
I found your blog when I was bored and refused to shut down my PC.. >.>
After reading a little about your E3 observations I just have to ask what you mean with "as [Nintendo] owned the last E3". I think the consensus is that at last year's E3 showing was really underwhelming. Mainly because Nintendo were addressing a totally different market than the people attending or following E3.
And while I'm busy questioning you, Bayonetta's a definitive? I was interested in the game until I saw some footage of the gameplay. That protagonist's proportions are somehow awkward.. o_o
I do look forward with you to FFXIII and Golden Sun though.

Alright, I'll make sure to check this blog regularly.


By the way, nice how these captchas are readable for me. I think I often have more trouble reading those than computers would..

Rhoda "voxie" Villegas said...

Hey Tom, long time no chat - Friends are always welcome to post here, so don't be shy. ^^

As for your Qs, I think Nintendo owned last year (from what I remember) because the DS and Wii was overwhelming everyone! This year though, Nintendo is more in the background, as its hardware isn't so new anymore. That's just the expression I got.

And yes, Bayonetta, because she seems strangely sexy, and I want to figure out why! Also, I haven't got round to playing DMC4 yet. Tough I'll pass on that now, and go for Bayonetta instead. Looks like the similar thing, but with a strange style!

And lol. Yes Myspace's capcha's I think are the worst.

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what a list buddy, you put the best of the best, I can't take out one game of the list, and don't worry you're not the only one that think that about Bayonetta.

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