Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Highlights from The Daily Draw! 2

More from the past month and then some, as posted on The Daily Draw blog! Click a pic for the obligatory blog post.

And it's working. Drawing everyday, with incentive - Knowing that there are other artists in it with you - Is giving me confidence with my drawing more than ever before! I am amazed to have just been able to keep up since day one. And only just! (I have been late to work a few times, just to post pictures up on the Daily Draw!)

I notice a lot of my work is black & white though. Actually 98% of it is. I need to work in colour more. And on hands! As me and fellow Daily Draw ninja Kaiki, lightly discussed.

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Kaiki said...

Love your illustrations as always >u<
YESHU YESHU, we need to work on hands! XD *ties band around forehead*

Hey, do you by any chance have a link banner? I'd love to put your link on my site <3

Rhoda "voxie" Villegas said...

Hey Kaiku ^^ Yes, I will join you in your mission!! Also puts on headband!*

I don't have a link banner yet, but I will make now for you ^^

Kaiki said...

Awh, thank you >u< <3<3
Just ehhm.. can you send it to my mail? kaikifreak@gmail.com