Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I'm taking part on The Daily Draw blog!

A little motivational incentive here, set up by the lovely Willie Hewes. Basically we draw a sketch every day, within a limit of 15-30 mins. We then schedule these sketches to be posted up on the The Daily Draw blog exactly a week later.

Everything has just started, so I haven't posted a sketch every day as of yet. But once I'm warmed up, it should be great.

I think it's a brilliant idea, because I fail to draw regularly. Knowing there are others doing it too, and you're in it together kinda thing... that's a nice feeling. I will be posting a few, but definitely not all my Daily Draws here, so if you like my artwork, please visit The Daily Draw regularly! :)

My first DD post, scheduled for posting on the Monday just gone, is called Super Sudden Responsibilities.
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