Thursday, 15 January 2009

Call me slow but...

Well, all my commissions up to now have been
found through friends, word of mouth, or through
adverts. And so it may very well continue!

However, I want to start taking this freelancing
gig an extra bit seriously this year. Here are my
fresh from ze print business cards, ordered
through VistaPrint. All intentionally designed to
be as plain as the nose on your face, because, I'm
celebrating this step forward in networking by
drawing a quick sketch on each of them. All
two-hundred and fifty!

Happy New Year BTW :¬)
Rhoda Villegas Web Developer


Bemused Wolf said...

They're cool! I want some! Well, I have no need for them at the moment, but if I ever did, I'd want some!

voxie said...

I shall save one aside, just for you Wekami, hehe :)

Smadraji said...

Nice Posting