Sunday, 28 December 2008

Club Nintendo is officially awesome!

After sticking with Nintendo VIP/Club Nintendo since I got my Gamecube
(2002? 2003?) and disappointingly having a whopping 7000 stars expire
suddenly earlier this year, I log in today to find something to finally gratify
my off-on membership there...


Awesome game, awesome soundtrack, 2 CDs, better than standard... & free?

(Now it's feeling more like Xmas!)

On other news with CN, members can now have their own individual profiles,
with Wishlists and even on-profile music, that plays whenever someone visits.
I also read somewhere that CN is about to hit to the US as well, finally, so it
must mean the fan club is doing well to expand - Bring on that DSi, I say!

Listening to: Emiko Shiratori - Epona no Uta "Lon Lon Ranch"
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Bemused Wolf said...

I will never have anything to do with club Nintendo again, thanks to my having an even more whopping 23,000 points expire, just ONE WEEK before they actually began adding new items, which they didn't do for over twelve Months after the initial keyrings and RC MarioKarts.

voxie said...

Yeah, my guess is they didn't want us point hoarders to take all the new stock as it came in - They wanted it to be more fair for the newbie Wii-Fitters and DS kiddies.

Still, some notice would have been nice.

Bemused Wolf said...

Heehee. I sent them a very stroppy Email.
They replied too, about three Months later!

You're probably right about the point hoarders though, but what was the point of Nintendo VIP at that?

Ah well.

(By the way, it's Wekami, if you didn't know!)

voxie said...

Hey Wekami - I swear I've seen a "Bemused Wolf" around before, I knew it had to be someone I knew, lol! Surprised to see you here on my blog! How are ya? :)

And what happened with their reply? Did you get numerous Ninty goodies??