Saturday, 4 October 2008

Commission or Competition? And photo picks!

I didn't get my fashionable entries ready for the UT Grand Prix in time (deadline was on the 21st September). Boo!

Surprisingly enough though, it wasn't because I was feeling uninspired and lazy, but because I was offered a tasty commission. And in times of short notice and desperation, I was forced to choose. I chose the commission because it's the path that offers money, guaranteed. Alas, I have another competition of which to better my entries for next year! And perhaps, then I will also improve my timekeeping as well.

Creative timekeeping is such a bitch, innit? Speedy-fast-draw your art for someone else, only not being able to make it "your own", because it's all speedy-fast-draw. Will the client know/care if it's perfect it or not? Probably not. Yes it's not supposed to be "your own", it's "for them". But then, if you're giving out what is personally to you, half-assed work, then how is your creative identity carving itself right now?

I'm still learning I suppose. As I get to know my methods better, I will no doubt improve on the time thing. But it's been almost two decades so far, so I reckon I'll always be going back to the artwork 10 or so times until I know it's right! The quality versus quantity argument seems so constant, with me.


<--- I was browsing some stuff this morning. How dignifyingly goth-loli is this photo on the left? It's beautiful, right? The catwalk's dramatic lighting, the roses along that catwalk, and the flamboyant Burlesque-esque dress... Man, does she look cosy! Looking deep into the photo (clicky for original version), I imagine that model walking up behind her is some important twist character (e.g. ex-lover, future-lover, murderer). Not many fashion photos will do that to my imagination!

These were taken at Paris Fashion Week (last week), (C) Rex Features.

And just check out the hair on this one on the right. How Nordic! --->

I admire both of them, because of the expressions of the models and the OTT levels of both images. If animé were real-life, it should look and feel a bit like this.

Funnily enough, both were part of the Worst of Paris Fashion Week article, by MSN Life & Style. I disagree with a few of them being "bad". But dude, sometimes I had to agree with them!
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