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Song of the Moment & Early video of iPhone works & Video Games Live!

Why can't I stop listening to this song?

And I've heard of Keane, but I don't really know their music. I think it's
just the 80's flex in both the music style and the video itself. Plus, I've
had a thing about "spirals" before, though I'm not sure Keane mean it in
the same sense. Or do they?

Here it is:


There's this iPhone game I've been freelancing graphics and simple
animation for, its developer has just posted an early video on YouTube:

The character is supposed to get hit as you hit him, but I guess he's
still working on it. He has posted the video mainly for crit at another
community. Go, Jason!!

You can't really see the character, so here's a hi-res closer-up preview:

On the left is the final. On the right is the first version I came up with, which was too clean-cut looking for the client. He said "think Fist of the North Star", which I guess meant just dirtier and grainier looking. Success, he liked the final version, as well as the following two characters (will gib details when game's on sale!).

I think I paid too much detail to it though. A lot of it just can't be seen on the iPhone's lickle 220 x 480 display. But, I'm fairly inexperienced with pixel art, so this has be a vital learning step! It's been confirmed I'm being commissioned to work on his next game, so I have ganbatte edge for the next. :)

Speaking of gaming! VIDEO GAMES LIVE!!

Go listen to a video of this live tour right while you read the following!

I had a date with the Video Games Live concert yesterday, gaze at my not so great phone photos! I've always been curious about it. I love orchestral music anyway (I won't say classical, I love the contemporary stuff more). And this was a live orchestra playing games music! And what a fantastic bunch of segments - Halo, Zelda, World of Warcraft, Mario, Tetris, Final Fantasy 7 - even a full segment of One Winged Angel for the encore we clapped ages for..! The composer, Jack Wall even moved his face towards the camera with a psycho face expression, did the audience laugh!
There were loads, it was freaking magic! Just as games are, touching us in a special place (for those that take it seriously enough), the music is oh so important! I have purchased games for their music (namely Baiten Kaitos, Megaman ZX, Sonic Rush) and have not been disappointed - they are, almost literally, interactive music videos. Really hard to understand if you don't play games.

My only personal, and tad, slight disappointment was that there was no Sonic like last year's, which is my own fault for missing, but who knows for next year? Whatever they have to play, it's at epic standards. I was really amazed when WoW's score came on. I mean, I know they've played it before, but actually being there, having just started playing WoW itself a month or so a go (don't judge meee! ), it was magical, I was speechless. I felt honoured to have started the game in time to fully enjoy the live score.

The guys that run VGL, awesome composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall were great hosts, they communicated to the audience fantastically, and seeing as we are all gamers, we all have that strange rapport anyway. What really stole the show though was Martin Leung, with his superspeedpianism. And playing the Super Mario Bros. theme blindfolded?! I could not believe my eyes, dude. He doesn't talk much. Plays piano like a super fast car, smiles like the morning sun, but, all he did have to say was "I like London". :)

There was even a very good Guitar Hero player performing Sweet Emotion on the stage's big screen for everyone! There was a GH booth outside, and the guy most impressive (Tom, his name was) got on stage to perform an almost perfect surpassing 250,000 score on Sweet Emotion for us. :) He got a prize for himself as well, of course, I think it was the 360 itself, with thousands of Ocremix tracks loaded on the HDD.

Such magic. So much fun. Gasp. My heart could explode out of my chest.

There was just too much. Just listening to another recording of Martin Leung's Final Fantasy Melody, which he did play last night. I have never seen anyone play like that, let alone tunes I'm so so heartfelt with. I kept grabbing my date and swooning "this is so cool!" (shame he hates FF.)

I have to go now, before my heart explodes! I have to support this unique experience with YouTube offerings until next year's... ugh. (And it is unique, the videos just won't do it any justice, forget about any kind of gig you've been to before, okay?!) Then again, yesterday only marked the very first day of the London Games Festival, hehe. I will be at the Eurogamer thing next Wednesday to play Street Fighter IV and Mirror's Edge, and Gears 2... If you're in London, you should definitely pick out things to go for at the festival! I can't believe I missed it last time.
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