Friday, 5 September 2008

PSU Thanks Festa Global 2008 Entry!

With some very, very, very last minute tweaks and random changes, it
turned out a little different from earlier. For the Phantasy Star Universe
Thanks Festa, Global
(details at the PSOW forums). A big thanks to the
Arika for running this comp and motivating me to draw once more!

Title: Everyone Has Another Side

I've got to say, rushing can be bad (that's me every morning!). But sometimes,
and only sometimes, it can bring out something good in you that you might not
have done if you were "going to plan". *Last Rush Magick Attack CRASHH!*

I think this "crash effect" might have rubbed off on the picture's layout too! Amid
this last min' K.O. special move, also, I left a flaw line at the top, and I even forgot to
sign my entry with my name. (Bad habit) Anyway! On with the next competition...

EDIT! (10/9/08)

My entry made the Top Ten! :) I didn't win the grand prize unfortunately - A Bamboo
Wacom tablet! Boo! But I still have a chance to win some in-game items from the prize pool. ^^
If you are a fan of my artwork & gaming, you can vote for me by signing up and voting here!

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