Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Final Fantasy VII, we'll wait for you no matter what!

Given Nobuo-san's very interesting FF7 remixes on both the shiny Final Fantasy Remix compilation and Black Mages III album, a fan can only wonder if it's a clue to a FF7 remake's development. It might not be, but I can't help myself! For the record, both CDs are awesome, I have to recommend buying both. The Mages are more rawk, with their incredible guitar riffs and solos mixed with electronic beat, as usual. While the Remix is more techno and experimental electronica. But both albums have that nostalgic videogame-y edge that makes them both inspiring to listen to while drawing! Even giving your char' designs Cloud-ish hairstyles by mistake, oops.

I was a stubborn little arroganté with Final Fantasy VII. Not being able to afford a Playstation when the game first came out in 1997, and feeling the burn from Playstation kicking the dust in my poor Sega Saturn's bruised face, I was a teenager growing biased, for Sega against Sony. For Sonic against Mario, too. For Sonic, for Sega, for Sonic. Only to slowly realise/give-in-to my foolishness, seeing as the 3D Sonic games were kf#i)s4\fh#saj1A;wloxgr, while FF7 and Super Mario 64 were very good indeed. By 2005, I was religious Sega/Sonic fan turned agnostic, with a love for all consoles and the games they babied up.

Part of my conversion, was thanks to Square's lovely 3D character development and design. I only decided to finally play FF7 3-4 years a go because a certain Advent Children was coming out, and was looking very pretty. Boy was I surprised! FF7 struck me down and out of reality completely. I did not care that my housemates came back from work tutting on passing through the living room, seeing me in my pyjamas since the morning last week when! I was drooling for more and dabbled with the rest of the series over the years (FFX just months a go). But 7 is the only FF game I've somehow not been able to stop playing until the very end. Something about how the narrative and game mechanics meld... is superbly done. Even though I didn't totally get the whole Zack/Cloud deal (at the time). Even though I wished I could have taken down all three of those giant robots before sending Sephiroth to the life stream. If there's a remake, at least I can be given another chance, eh?

I still believe FF7 PS3 is very real, and an announcement comes closer by the day. I haven't been searching up the news on it lately though, so don't flame me if I'm missing something. I also reckon it'll appear on the PS3, exclusively - & it will be its angel!

Anyway! Back to drawing...

Oh, speaking of drawing, there's two days until voting on my PSOW entry ends -
If you're a Sega fan and like my work, please sign up & vote! :)
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