Monday, 25 August 2008

Waving Goodluck to Siobhan Donaghy!

I'm just listening to Siobhan's free MP3 from her official website....

Mmm, dreamy, spiritual... euphoric?


It's free, official and doesn't include torrenting.

I've always had a thing for the Sugababes since they first started. Their debut single Overload, was made of awesome. A white/black/asian girlband, around my age, with a good song, good video, pretty cute, great! With Overload, for me, it was Siobhan's voice that stood out. It just strung a different chord compared to Mutya and Keisha. Together, they worked! Then Siobhan left, and nobody really knew why. Since then, the 'Babes have been gi-jilly-jolly. Why did one leave a band verging on success? As I was listening to the Sugababes singles album the other day, I wondered what happened to that girl ...

...Only to learn that Siobhan was only just ditched earlier this month, "For lack of commercial success" by her Parlophone label. (?!) Hell, I didn't even know she brought her own album out. Talk about lack of promotion! No wonder she didn't do well. ("No radio support" really doesn't help.)

I feel a bit sad for her. But I did listen to all the tracks on her website's playlist, and I can't say any of them pricked my ears. Except for a couple of the last ones, Ghosts and Goldfish (kinda Utada Hikaru, but only kinda). She has got a lovely voice though. Perhaps it was just bad direction? The wrong music, the wrong image, at the wrong time. Maybe even for Siobhan, it's wrong age. The music sure has depth, but the lyrics don't so much.

Ghosts is the name of her last album, and is the free MP3 you get by registering over at her site, so again, get it while you can. It's very pretty, ambient, bass-y and uplifting! Makes me wanna go far away places, kinda thing. With all the cancellation, I'm so glad I got to listen to it in time (before Parlophone went and took it all down!).

Right now, the term "ghosts" is sad but beautiful, like a lot of things in this world. It's the song she decided to give away for free, and for me, the song she is singing out on. Now, she has become a "ghost" of the music industry today. No offence to Siobhan, of course. Surely a better label/producer will pick up on this ghost's resurrection. I would like to know how she's doing in a couple years.

Good luck, Siobhan! (Don't give up!)

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