Saturday, 23 August 2008

Wallpaper for the Month! (& **** you Wordpress...)

Hey! I CG'ed, actually followed a tut, a book, everything, for the first time ever!
The book didn't help much with the details in depth, but it was definitely some nice visual guidance, so thanks Jared Hodges and Lindsay Cibos! But mostly, thank you oh Power of Internets, and Kawaii Hannah (v.talented CG anime artist from Australia) whose style I really like.
I have tried CGing before, but it wasn't really trying. I was just jumping in there, seeing what I could do with what I knew (which isn't a great deal!).
I was using Kawaii Hannah's tut mostly for guidance on the hair, and still doing that now so... looks no where close:
The image is for the PSU Thanks Festa 2008 Global, in conjuntion with that game I play sometimes, Phantasy Star Universe. It is my desktop wallpaper right now, partly for reference.
SPEAKING OF COMPETITIONS! With the Neo Competition mentioned last post-ish, unfortunately I only managed to finish it properly half an hour after the Post Office shut (I am annoying when I can almost never let anything go half-assed).
So I sent it by Next Day Delivery the next day (which was the day of deadline), fingers crossed, hoping a thoughtful soul would let it pass as an entry anyway.
But a week later, no word, no win. "Nice try", I thought.
Here's a preview anyway:
I guess, I'll have to send it in for next year - in colour, ya ^^

--- The above is a copy/paste job from my creative blog, (of which may never be updated again, doh!)---

"Fuck you Wordpress..."??

Yes, fuck you Wordpress. Nothing personal o' course, it's just my frustration typing here. I am sick of one, little open or closed HTML tag fucking up an entire post. Sometimes the whole blog. Hell, I can't even see where the problem is this time, as such, after 3-4 tries of re-edits, you gotta let it go. Especially when you know the competition kicks its ass. Especially after 3-4 years.

I appreciate Wordpress as freeware, I really do/did. But I've been using it for 3 or so years with no real improvements. And there's other freeware that works better. I never, if rarely, seem to have coding problems on Blogger or Livejournal (which I had only commented on until now, but meh, counts!) But on Wordpress, it's with almost, every, entry. You ever use WP and find one unclosed HTML causes it to automatically create 4 or 5 closed ones? Thus tearing the post apart because the blog doesn't know what to do with itself. Frustating shit, dude.

So! It's a shame, as I have been posting mostly on my creative blog, which is of Wordpress birthright. Of course I tried to sexy up this Blogger of mine with the shady Wordpress man, but she's off the market. Despite the support, the "Import Blog" on here isn't in sight, for some reason. But I'll try it some more later. Nvm, same prob there.

I'm tired of having two blogs anyway. Don't know why I even bothered with the idea...

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