Saturday, 5 July 2008

Twenty One Fun!

Look closely...

(That’s my bro’s 21st birthday present - the huger than
expected, new DGX 630 — Which is funnily enough, hiding
behind my very own 21st b’day present from my awesome
baby sis of a mate Louise “L.O.L.” - which is that big photo
frame in the corner. Which was also a bigger present than
expected for myself… The DGX is standing upright, from the
floor up to the top of the photo frame, and is also as wide as.
HOOGE SURPY! Behind thar be the 21st b’day trahsure for
me sibling'z knock on adultlife's door, next Sundayeeh…)

Too bad you can't see it, blah!

I'm not so happy with the cover I bought for it though. Wasn't as impressive as the picture. But I have a cunning plan! Giftwrap the shitty cover then hand it to Max (my turning-21 bro), then let him work out what it's for, before presenting the real present. (Mwahahar.) Aren't I a good sister?? This will make up for all the broken delayed promises I've made to him in the past, right? Fucking ditto. He is so not getting another present like this until his 40th, or something.

A really huge thanks to Musicland in Bromley for their wonderful service! Not only did they makesure I had this gorgeous keyboard (which only came out this month - perfect timing for my bro's bday huh^^), but a good man there was happy to price match the web shops (a rare thing), AND deliver it to the house as well. I was extremely happy! And I hope to return there to say thanks again to get a pianist chair. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of musical instruments!

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