Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mark Curtis X Bex Paul: Limited Edition Print!

Cambridge photographer Mark Curtis has released a small collection of prints. One of the images is in limited edition and features the talented model Bex, a good friend of a good friend of mine (Lucy! "Excuse me!" lol).

I'm loving its dark, disturbingly grimy backdrop against the model's beautiful, clean-cut, classy ballroom attire. The overall image seems quite lonely, but regardless it does have a dangerously seductive quality.

She's dressed up, but why is she in there? What is she thinking? Who did it? Or did she deserve it? Bex's expression seems to say that she "saw this coming", deserves it and regrets whatever she did wrong. And it looks like she won't be coming out of that room anytime soon, "but it's okay, I'll accept defeat (for now)", heh. Do I see vengeance in those eyes? Think I'd have to see the actual print to see, really...

It's £150, with a mass of framing types to choose from:
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