Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dumdum de-de dum... Procrastinate... dumb...

So I purchased a better wireless adapter, by D-Link. Waiting for it in the post now.

In the meantime I have been downloading & installing various games on to my brand spanking new PC; Age of Empires Gold Edition (old skool!), Seal Online, Phantasy Star Universe: AOI (WUWTDBP*), World of Warcraft 14 Day trial (WUCDBP**), Shaiya, Sims 2 and the Open for Business and Nightlife expansions.

And GOSH, Sims 2 is just huge! I just want to start running a club right away and start building it! Get the Sims boogying - BUT IT'S JUST LONG! Or so it looks it. I will give it a go when I have more patience.

I've also installed a couple of animating programs to start playing with once I have my comfortability***; Plastic Animation Paper (2D) and Anim8tor (3D), both completely free - I will do a more informational post later.

(Another thing on my mind; This blog gives less editorial freedom than Blogger. Kinda tricky, and a tad disappointing. - Edit: I'm talking about my old blog here, which this post was copied from)

* Waiting Until Warcraft Trial's Done Before Playing
** Waiting until Comic's Done Before Playing
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