Tuesday, 15 July 2008

BUILDING MY ANIMATOR PC! - Part 3a: Last Level

Got the VGA-DVI converter for my housemate's old monitor (Thanks Nick A.K.A. Morster!), who also hooked me up with a free kettle lead from work - one that originally came with an Xbox 360 (thanks again, Nick! So I'll no longer be bugging you for those disk drive cables you lost me no more! nyar har har, yes I still believe you have them! lol).

So! As of yesterday, my PC is *COMPLETE!*

Almost. (Hahaha) Well it is, really. But it's missing 2 important things...


Using my old Belkin adapter, the wireless internet isn't working in my room - This is a 3-floor house, and my room is at the very top, while the router is at the very bottom. So the net is hooked up via ethernet down here in the living room. It's not the quietest room in the house, I'll have to wait until payday to get a better adapter.

But hey, most of this has gone really well, I can't complain.

I managed to use my old copy of Windows XP (that broke down with my notebook all those years a go), activated it, downloaded all the high-priority updates for it. Got my graphics card working, and the speed of my computer bumped up considerably when opening and closing windows! Videos run at a great speed. Sound drivers were messed up for a little while, but I stayed up until 3am to fix them - With the Power of Internets, I figured it out from others just as frustrated, it was just a simple driver conflict.

Ah it feels great to have my PC done! But it's just not in the comfort of my own room! (WHY IS THERE ALWAYS SOMETHING!!??!) lol

Well, I do have other things I have to do in the meantime anyway, like my 5 page comic.

And a job interview tomorrow. :O

I also updated my MP3 player for the first time in about 3 years. At least I think that's how long it's been since my PC died completely. Might have been 2. 2 and a half. I deleted everything on it except a few key creative or feel good tracks I've become too attached to, for feeling good, or just for animating full stop. I filled the rest up with various tracks from Marky's laptop and work's PC - Bonnie Pink, Apocalyptica, Rammstein, Puff Daddy, Utada Hikaru, Placebo, Foo Fighters... Stuff I know I like.

PICTURE SOON! (Must look up on how to get Bluetooth on this PC...)
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