Friday, 4 July 2008

BUILDING MY ANIMATOR PC! - PART 2b: PC done! Oh wait, monitor doesn’t work. Unit done!!

My ex-housemate's old monitor is VGA, while mine is DVI only. Dan, my mate who sold me the graphics card, didn't include the VGA to DVI converter, oh well. More reason to hold out for a real monitor really, and remind me that I that I still have a few checks to do:

  • - What kind of power cable should I use? Free PC Help's forums just told me to use any 13 amp kettle lead, cool! (Thank you Wolfeymole!)

  • - Have I put the Aspire PSU's cable into the right places? (Many of them were a guess, but I'm hoping it doesn't matter). Mark says I should just turn it on and see..!

  • -My graphics card, and how it should be powered - there was a 6-pin port at the back of it, yet my motherboard's instructions say to power it via the motherboard.... Should I power the card from both ports?? Need to check up instructions online somewhere.

  • - I still need to get Vista.

I think I'll get my own VGA-DVI converter after all!

Ultimately though, I'm "meh" about all of this, because I'm relieved I got the more important thing done.
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