Thursday, 3 July 2008

BUILDING MY ANIMATOR PC! - PART 2a: Piecing Together the Jargon Jigsaw!

So, I finally got the case a couple days a go! (and my bro's birthday present on the same Tuesday!) All in a matter of days!

Saving and spending like this hasn't happened for me since my Uni days, when my student grant was miraculous (and cheekily short-lived).

So, I got me the anti-static wrist and cable ties from PC World up the road and had a go.

Woohoo! it's actually been quite fun putting my first PC together!

Okay, so the P182 is missing parts, which is fine as there's nothing blood-worthingly vital missing. With the power of internets, I should be able to track down the parts I need.  Actually, I found the missing screws (and then some!) inside the scrawnier corners of the case itself, and how to really fit the HDD into the P182's lower cage (via the Power of Internets once again!). I was reading the wrong part of the instructions, silly me. What I am still missing are two front panels and side racks for the upper section. Where the DVD drive goes, lookie:

 I am gonna look out for the front bits, but I can always just keep the door closed until I do. No biggie!

I'm exhausted. Both mentally and physically! Loads of information to take in, and my mentality won't let me stop until the job is done! As long as I don't have work early in the morning, late hours fiddling abound! (I can see how/why PC modding can be quite a hobby - I think I could join them...) Though somehow, the more I express the fact I'm working so hard on it, the more I realise I should take a break and relax. Not gonna though.

Woohoo, put it all together in just two days! It's as easy as everyone said. :)

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