Monday, 16 June 2008

JAPAN FILES: An ear to the underground!

Even a hint.

Yes, this is a message to any of my online friends with even a *hint*
of interest in Japanese culture (and hopefully the wonderful music
that comes with it).

Japan Files is fucking awes'. They offer little people like me and
you a musical insight into the underground for as little as approx.
£5 for TEN credits... (1 credit = 1 song download).

They've also FINALLY upgraded their website/forum
software, so now is the perfect time to join up and support them!


OR, IF YOU'RE LAZY, sample their MySpace:

They are not getting the attention they deserve.
But they have enlightened me with deities such
as Budo Grape and Mix Market.

Yes, I am sharing the love.

You're welcome! ¦)

Cheers for reading.
Now make use of
it by joining!!!
Rhoda Villegas Web Developer

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