Monday, 16 June 2008

One-Time Showing of a Stage Play I helped with a bit!

It's called: Brief Encounters
When: Saturday 21st June 2008!
Where: Central School of Speech and Drama, North London
Organised by: Fringe Benefits, Gendered Intelligence/CSSD
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In May 2008, I attended a five-day voluntary drama workshop aimed at the LGBTQ audience (participating as or for). Basically 30+ people sitting in a circle brainstorming a 30 minute play intended for secondary school pupils. As I'm writing a book on related issues, and as my storytelling needs more light, I knew it'd be a good idea to take part. And it was!

I didn't contribute so much in the workshop itself, as much as I helped the group's directors, the Fringe Benefits team with the script outside of it, in their over-heated, air-conditionless hotel room at the Swiss fucking Cottage (that rant was for you, Norma! ^^). I helped with general script edits and re-edits, as I'm from London, and the Fringe Benefits team were from N.America! Converting dialogue, the slang, the way a joke drops, everything, from US to UK English... It was funfun wordy game.

So as much as everyone else, there are a few drops of me in the creative puddle that is, this stage play showing at ths CSSD this coming Saturday, called Brief Encounters! - Great name, it used to be called Shifting Gears, but Brief Encounters is beating around the bush in a funnier way, thanks to one of the scenes in the play involving the character Chris (a transgender, female-to-male, pre-operation) and a pair of briefs...

They have already performed the play to schools throughout June, and on the 21st will be their only PUBLIC performance! So, if you're someone interested in LGBTQ (that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and/or queer) issues in terms of creativity, you'd hassle them to do another show!

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