Tuesday, 17 June 2008

BUILDING MY ANIMATOR PC! - PART 1c: Waiting for the Postman

Okay, I've ordered all the ingredients necessary for my little animation power chowder...

Case CHECK! - Antec P182 SE (2nd hand, eBay) PSU CHECK! - Aspire 550w Chameleon PSU (comes with the P182)
I did aim for a 600w, but from what I remember Dan (my PC whizz friend) saying, 550w is the minimum. The PSU is pretty much free, I guess if I have problems I will have to get another one. Hopefully it will do for now! Hard Drive CHECK! - Samsung 750gb SATAII 7200rpm 32mb cache (£60, Ebuyer) Windows Vista Home Premium CHECK! (£145, Amazon)

And a few extras I've learnt about a long the way, and to ensure my PC's cool:

Fan - Thermaltake A2460 120mm Cyclo w/ LCD Logo (£10, eBay) Anti-static wristband - by Belkin (£5, Amazon) Black hooks & cabie ties - by Akasa (£4, Amazon) Expansion slot cooler - Antec Super Cyclone Dual Expansion slot cooler (£8, Amazon)

As for the rest... They can friggin' wait.

For now, the Monitor is going to have to be one borrowed from a friend.

And the Adobe CS3 Master Collection will DEFINITELY have to wait (£600!?). I guess there's always MS Paint...

Geeettting closer...!!

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