Sunday, 15 June 2008

BUILDING MY ANIMATOR PC! - PART 1b: Getting On My Freakin' Case

So... I went to Tottenham Court Road's Computer Fair yesterday with my friend AK (was totally lost in technology). I went in looking for a case. There was a blue Alienware-style case that caught my eye for a mere £22, but it looked a little too toy-like and cheap to me. Must've been a copy of this one, I don't remember it looking that drooly. The rest of the hardware was lots, but nothing caught my eye that would beat the web's prices/quality.

CASE I AM WANTING: I was recommended the Antec P182 by my PC whizz friend Joe, however it is a bit of a price at around £90 (just for the case!). But shopping around, I find special editions of this one case (basically a mirror for a case, yay), great reviews as well as a major fanbase. My decision was settled! So I checked eBay, and, well, I found a rare P182 case on there, in so-so condition, starting at 99p, no reserve...AND it comes with a 550w PSU. I hope to have won it by this time tomorrow. There's no way I'm getting hold of the SE, and the alternative editions are the gun metal black, and not so easy to get gun metal grey ones. Great names for an anime series they are, but they look yawnsome! So, fingers crossed I win this auction!!

If I do win, the rest of my bits would be bumped up! are great, they have a Seagate 1TB HDD for about £120, and they sell Vista Home Premium £5 cheaper than Amazon! Shame on you Amazon! You're usually great for prices!

Am I jumping the gun by posting all of this unnecessary, unrealistic information? It is window shopper folly after all.

We shall see!

-This was copy/pasted from my old blog on the 2nd February 2010-
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