Friday, 23 May 2008

BUILDING My ANIMATOR PC! - PART 1a: Last Half of the Jargon Jigsaw

WHY aren't there any PC cases made for WOMEN?!

I thought the PC industry would have been around long enough to have more f**king cases aimed at women out there!

Sorry for any swearing, I have been scrolling through this, that and the other for 3-4 hours now. Steam... release-aahh....

The only case I could find that was directly aimed at women was In-Win's Allure mATX (lovingly reviewed by gporgie at the Hardware Canucks, thanks!) which is beautiful. It has f**king Swarovski crystals and everything. It's just too small for the likes of the power I'm aiming for (it's a mini tower, really). I need room, I need ventilation, and I need something that doesn't look so masculine, brutal, intimidating or like a vehicle or just boring! And the amount of pink cases out there suck big, fat donkey oranges - they look so... plastic. So yeah, none of the thousands of cases I browsed through with even a hint of femininity (apart from the Allure) had "good taste" in mind. Really, all they could do is change the lights on some designs from blue/red/green to pink/purple. And the cases themselves, the majority are black, white, and well, black. How about other colours? A selection of, perhaps? Just imagine the popular X-Blade case with a dark shade of grey, with pink & purple lights = kinda hawt! I'm thinking a nice, long email is in order. To various case-making companies! Yesh...

Anyway, that's all wishful thinking. Maybe I'll just keep checking eBay for luck or something. Maybe one day I could become like some of these cool people and airbrush or model my own. Probably, possibly with someone else more technical/mechanical/architectural-minded. I suppose that's where the reason for the gap lies. Computers are dominated by the male. And the male/female ratio when it comes to inventing things, pfft, the male wins huuuggge. Aww well, perhaps one day, I could act as ambitious designer to a cracking inventor. Not now though, I have to stick to taking life one step at a time, and right now my PC is needed to exhaust my creative whim, my qualms, myself...

Or, "maybe not" to all that last paragraph. Perhaps I've been surfing the search waayy too long at this point. Or! Perhaps, I'm just being cynical and spoilt, like a child (which is my own personal theory on what effect the internet has had on the city human today). Or maybe I'm once again, just in a thoughtful rut of mind - Sheeiit, it's just a f**king case.

Nah. I am such a girl with expensive/important things! It must be pretty!

My search for a suitable case goes on. I am going to try Tottenham Court Road's computer fair tomorrow morning. If I don't find anything there, then I will be going for the Coolermaster Ammo 533. It has this retro feel to it. Kinda reminds me of an iPod's chassis/dancefloor tiles.

Anyway, The Story Thus Farrrr............



An Asus 8800 GTS 320MB graphics card

2gb DDR Ram (though my friend said it was "special" - has the power of 4gb? Will have to ask him again)

A MSI P35 Platinum FSB I333, eSATA, Circu-pipe motherboard

An Intel Core 2 Duo processor (- thanks for all this Dan_^ I'm missing you and Evan muchly!)

A Hitachi 750gb SATA, 7200rpm, 32mb buffer harddrive (which I bought today and returning to PC World tomorrow morning. I found better/cheaper! The Hitachi one cost £120, extricated boooo to in-store prices!)

A wired Belkin optical mouse

A Fanatec PC/PS2 Gameboard (- thank you to Tom for this_^ Still owe you!)


A case

A 600W+ PSU (Recommended: Enermax or Corsair)

A harddrive (Recommended: 320gb+ SATA/SATA-II 32mb cache 7200rpm)

A monitor (Aim: The Samsung 226CW 22" LCD one.)

Windows Vista Home Premium

Adobe CS3 Master Collection (The final nail?!)

And Microsoft Office 2007 - Just for the hassle-freeness of being able to do any wordpressing wordprocessing (dammit) or presentations "properly" for work.

Will keep things on track here, not just so people can see magic happen and draw ideas from them (hurrah!). But for consistency in battling my own procrastination. Summer's coming, and I'm just having too much fun to care about f**king computers. I need to remind myself that being careful, having patience, and watching prices and products, will eventually lead to an even richer creative lifestyle than the one where I am restricted to my sketchbook and using other peoples' things. And that things don't have to be so f**king complicated either! Grarrgh, sleep a must. [/monologue]

Song that matters right now: Hometown Glory, Adele

This post was edited - in both correction and addition - about one hundred times in the last three hours since it was originally posted.

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