Monday, 7 May 2007

All We Are

Introducing Myself & The Blog

Hi, my name is Rhoda Villegas, I’m a 20-something living in London, who feels like a beggar of an artist who is trying to forge her way through herself, and hoping to one day, finally be an animator to her own self-righteous, foolishly set standard of what is “good enough”.

I have an everlasting love for animation, character design and comic books.

Animation I’m still learning, I’m still a budding animator using a lightbox and Flash. I am looking to use other animation software, like DigiCel and Plastic Animation Paper. Unfortunately, I don’t have a computer at home of which to work and indulge in in my spare time. This hurts me, and disables me somewhat.

Character design is something I’ve been doing ever since reading Sonic the Comic and X-Men comics as a budding teen. I have realised, over the recent years, I have a penchant for cute or contemporary characters that convey emotions of confidence, justice, depression or even just tacky bigheadedness.

And comics are a given, who can’t love comic books? Stories with pictures. And mastering the subsequent beauty of them both? Haha.

I just graduated from Thames Valley University last year, with a degree in Digital Arts Major and Digital Animation Minor.

However, I still don’t believe I am at all ready to apply for a job at a studio yet… I am currently working as freelance creative mind, while working part time at a videogames retail store. I enjoy both jobs, but sometimes, I’m reminded that there is capacity for, oh, so much more.

That’s it for now, the most basic of written intros, I think. I hope my future posts will continue to tell you more about me.

-This was copy/pasted from my old blog on the 2nd February 2010-
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